Mobility Scooter Tyres 300 x 8 Pneumatic

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  • Grey pneumatic mobility scooter tyre
  • Tyre size 300 x 8
  • Sold as single tyres
  • Use with inner tube TUBE300X8BMV


Order your mobility scooter tyres from us before 1pm for same-day despatch and fast UK delivery!  We guarantee a great price and excellent service.

Pneumatic mobility scooter tyres

Most mobility scooters use pneumatic (air filled) tyres.  They can be fitted to all types of mobility scooter wheels, including those currently using solid tyres.

Our pneumatic mobility tyres have several advantages over solid tyres. Firstly, when correctly inflated they give a more comfortable ride, as you’re literally riding on a cushion of air. As pneumatic tyres are lighter in weight, there’s less work for your mobility scooter’s motor to do. This in turn helps the motor brushes to last longer.  Added to these advantages, pneumatic tyres cost less than solid.  You’ll need to bear in mind, though, that inner tubes may need replacing if they puncture.

How do I know whether this is the right size tyre for my mobility scooter?

On the side wall of your mobility scooter tyres there will be a size reference, or maybe several reference numbers. These indicate the diameter of the tyre, the width of the tread and the height of the side wall.  The system can be quite confusing as measurements might be in mm or inches.  However, all you need to know is that if your tyres have the reference 300 x 8 these will be the correct ones for your scooter.

The 300 x 8 grey pneumatic tyre has a general purpose tread suitable for front and back wheels of your mobility scooter.  It allows very good manoeuvrability and is kinder to carpets than deeper block treads.  If you need a tyre with a more robust tread you might prefer the TJ8IA2805. Use with inner tube TUBE300X8BMV.



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