Mobility Scooter Battery Charger CHHP24-8 with Intelligent Charge technology

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High Power brand

Volts/Amp: 24volt/8amp

Suitable for charging: 50Ah – 100Ah

Case material: Metal

Internal Cooling fan

Intelligent charge technology

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To get the best performance and longest life from your mobility scooter battery it’s important to keep it fully charged without overcharging. The best way to do this is with a battery charger designed for the mobility market.

All the chargers in our range use intelligent charge technology.  Unlike standard battery chargers, this technology means you can safely leave your battery charging all the time it’s not in use, without worrying that it will overcharge or self-discharge. Remember, though, that to keep batteries healthy they do need to be used – so there’s your excuse for an outing every few days!

If you’re not going to use your mobility scooter for a few weeks it’s best to fully charge the batteries then disconnect them from the charger.

The CHHP24-8 is suitable for charging batteries between 50 Ah and 100 Ah.  It’s a nice, compact size with a metal case and internal cooling fan.  If you charge your mobility scooter overnight in your bedroom you might prefer the CHCTE24-8 as it operates silently.


  • High Power CHHP brand
  • 24 Volt 8 Amp
  • Intelligent charge technology
  • Internal cooling fan
  • Suitable for charging 50Ah – 100Ah
  • Case material: Metal

Battery charger technology

Intelligent charge technology is also known as the 3-stage charging technique. This makes sure you get the very best from your mobility scooter battery. The 3-stage charging technique charges, conditions and maintains your mobility scooter batteries, so you can be confident that they will give you peak performance and long life.

Stage 1 – Bulk Charge

During stage 1 the charging current is set to the maximum safety level.  This continues until the voltage is 80 – 90% of full charge level.

Stage 2 – Absorption Charge

In stage 2 the charging voltage stays constant while the current reduces because of internal resistance.  The charging voltage is at its highest during this stage.

Stage 3 – Float Charge

Once the battery has reached its optimum charge level the charging voltage and current reduce significantly.  This maintains the battery at peak charge and helps increase the life of the battery.  The unit monitors the battery condition, which reduces the risk of gassing and minimises the possibility of self-discharge.



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