Betterlife Aries Electric Wheelchair Battery AGM GP12-36

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  • AGM Battery (sealed lead acid)
  • 12 V 36 Ah
  • Particularly suited to mobility scooters
  • Cost-effective for light use
  • Lasts around 600 discharge/charge cycles
  • This product qualifies for free delivery


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The Strident AGM GP12-36 electric wheelchair battery is a good all-rounder particularly suitable for Betterlife Aries electric wheelchairs. The GP12-36 copes well with deep discharge when used on an occasional basis, for example popping out to the shops or whizzing round town.  It’s a good, cost-effective way of powering your electric wheelchair for light use.  When charged correctly you can expect your AGM mobility battery to last for around 600 discharge/charge cycles.

What does AGM mean?

AGM, or Absorbed Glass Mat, is also known as sealed lead acid, or SLA.  The acid is absorbed into a layer of fibreglass between the lead plates, which means it won’t leak.  This makes it safer in situations where there is likely to be a lot of vibration or the battery might tip over.  An AGM mobility battery is ideal for using several times a week such as popping out to get the papers, a ramble round the block to enjoy the fresh air, or a trip to the shops.

Why should I buy from Trusted Mobility? 


We believe our customers need reliable products they can trust.  We have carefully selected a range of mobility batteries that consistently meet our high standards because they are made of the best materials. Throughout the manufacturing process the batteries have to pass strict quality control checks. As a result we’re proud to be able to offer the benefits of quality, reliable brands to you.


Unlike many cheaper brands on the market, all the batteries we sell have been designed specifically for mobility use. You can trust our range to meet your needs reliably day after day. All our batteries carry a full 15 months no-quibble warranty.


As the saying goes, there are economies, and there are false economies.  We don’t claim to sell the cheapest batteries on the market.  There are plenty of cheap batteries out there, if that’s what you want, but if you believe in investing in quality to save money in the long term, buy from Trusted Mobility.

Order your electric wheelchair battery now for fast UK delivery!  We guarantee a great price and excellent service on all our mobility batteries.

Voltage & Capacity: 12V 36Ah

Dimensions mm (l x w x h): 197 x 131 x 155

Total Height mm: 168

Terminal: Insert M6

Warranty: 15 months



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