There’s nothing more frustrating when you want to go out than finding your mobility scooter battery is flat.  That’s why we have carefully selected a comprehensive range of mobility scooter chargers to ensure your batteries are always powered up and ready to go! All our batteries and chargers carry a full 12 months’ no-quibble warranty.

Using the correct mobility scooter charger is very important to ensure that you get the maximum distance and long life out of your scooter batteries.  All our battery chargers use 3 stage intelligent charge technology.  This means you can be confident your power chair or mobility scooter batteries are charged safely and efficiently without overcharging.

How does this work?

  • Stage 1 – This is known as a “Bulk Charge”. At this stage, the batteries are taking in power as fast as is safely possible.
  • Stage 2 – Sometimes known as the “Absorption Charge”, here the voltage remains steady whilst the current reduces.
  • Stage 3 – Known as the “Float Charge”, this final stage “puts the cherry on the top”! Here the voltage and the current are significantly reduced to ensure the battery is maintained at peak charge without overcharging. If a battery is overcharged it can heat up and could eventually explode.

Our mobility scooter battery chargers with intelligent charge technology can safely be left connected once the battery is fully charged, unlike standard battery chargers.

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